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Professional indemnity insurance is sometimes referred to as PI insurance or indemnity insurance. It helps to protect you, should any claims be brought against you by a client. Typically, this kind of scenario would occur due to a client having problems with work(s) that you have completed for them. By getting professional indemnity insurance, you will be covered for any compensation costs that you may need to pay out, for example; any legal costs that are incurred as a result of negligence.


There’s no doubt that professional indemnity insurance is an essential requirement for many people, across a number of industries. Should you make a mistake in your work, or provide a client with incorrect advice in error, professional indemnity insurance will cover you. Of course, few of us want to make any such mistakes, but in the worst case scenario, professional indemnity insurance can offer you the peace of mind that you need. It’s an unfortunate fact that we now live in a ‘claiming’ environment.

So, if you work in a position where you routinely provide advice to your clients, you deal with data that belongs to a client or another business, you are responsible for a client’s intellectual property or you provide a service that could be challenged at a later date, you need to consider getting professional indemnity insurance. In particular, smaller companies are very vulnerable; should their work or services fail to meet a client’s expectations, they can be left wide open to claims, and any subsequent financial losses.